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If you’re looking for a truly memorable experience, Stars Wildlife Ventures Africa is here to provide just that, with East African safari trips in Uganda and Rwanda. Step outside of your comfort zone and into the jungle, up a mountain or into a bustling city. See vibrant colour, taste delicious food and take in the atmosphere of somewhere completely new.

We offer more than just East African safari trips – we offer experiences that last in memory for a lifetime. Whatever your idea of Africa, whatever you want to do and whatever your budget, we can create a tailor-made adventure designed entirely around your desires.

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Ugandan Flag IconUganda the Beautiful

With beautiful, natural scenery stretching from border to border, Uganda was famously described by Winston Churchill as “The Pearl of Africa” and, despite its small size, can count itself among the most biodiverse nations on the planet.

Uganda has ten national parks and 12 game reserves. Visit the Rwenzori mountains, snow-capped all year round. They are colloquially named “The Mountains of the Moon” for their breathtaking beauty. See Lake Victoria – the second largest freshwater lake on the planet (26,500 square miles!), teeming with aquatic life. To cap it all, from bottom to top runs the world-famous Nile River, bringing life to dense jungle, rolling grasslands and pul sating cities throughout the nation.

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Rwandan Flag IconRwanda the Vibrant

“The Land of a Thousand Hills,” Rwanda is famed across Africa for its pristine beauty and vibrant culture. With four national parks spread across the nation, there are all manner of creatures to discover. Follow in the footsteps of Diane Fossey with many different species of monkey roam through the trees, while thousands upon thousands of different birds swoop and circle overhead.

Visit a traditional Hutu palace, See the Intore dance and gaze up in awe from the feet of volcanoes, covered in lush, green rainforest. Rwanda offers a truly spellbinding experience. Our East African safari trips can take you right to the centre of the beauty, the culture and the action.

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Stars Wildlife Ventures Africa offer a variety of set tour packages that we’re sure will delight, inspire and excite. With that said, we pride ourselves on our flexibility so, if there’s something you’re particularly interested in, or anything else you would prefer to give a miss, we’re more than happy to switch things up to suit your needs.

For more information on our inspiring tours, thrilling excursions and East African safari trips, take a look at our Tours page for a breakdown of everything we can help you do!


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Whatever you want from your holiday in your own African paradise, Stars Wildlife Ventures Africa can cater to all your desires and more! Fill out our contact form and tell us what you want to do. We’ll put together a package that caters to every budget and gives you a taste of the wonder of Africa.

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Tours to Kenya, Tanzania and democratic Republic of Congo, can be arranged



“If anyone is interested in going to Africa, I seriously recommend contacting this company. I’ve had the best time, thanks especially to Allen Tetsi. I had the most amazing accommodation, due to her haggling a covid rate, and saw some incredible wildlife. She was constantly phoning rangers and trackers to make sure I had the best possible chance to see the animals, and never failed. Also, Jaz Abaho for getting me on the easiest gorilla trek with the biggest family. Thank you both for being great company too, until we meet again!”