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Stars Wildlife Ventures Africa is a bespoke travel company, based in Uganda, providing holidays in Uganda and Rwanda. We offer dedicated, tailor-made tours an East African safari trips, catering to all budgets. Activities include big game safaris, gorilla and primate trekking, bird watching, hiking, nature walks and white-water rafting.

Our aim is to offer a truly memorable experience, enlightening, educating and inspiring families, friends and individuals to explore new cultures, get involved in wildlife conservation and, above all, create memories that last a lifetime! Beautiful nature, vibrant culture and delicious food – all of this awaits you in Rwanda and Uganda, famously described by Winston Churchill as “the Pearl of Africa.” We couldn’t agree more. Come and see why!

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Don’t Miss Out on the Adventure of a Lifetime!

If you’re ready to explore one or even both of the most beautiful countries that Africa has to offer, a holiday in Uganda or Rwanda is perfect for you! Contact us today and let us know what you’d like to do. If you need more information, call us on PHONE NUMBER or send us an email at to find out more!





What Makes Stars Wildlife Ventures Africa So Special?

The Guides

All of our tour guides are residents of the country they’re showing you. For them, it’s like giving you a tour of home! They know where to go and when, how to find the best spots that nobody else knows and what you’ll love to see.

Specialist Networks

All of our tours are designed in collaboration with experienced travel specialists on the ground. They, much like the guides, are well-travelled in the areas you’ll be seeing. They love their countries and know just what to show you so that you do too!

Tailor-Made Routes

Every single holiday package we design is bespoke, tailor-made and designed specifically around what you want. If you want action and adventure, we have it in spades. If you want relaxation, we can provide it in abundance. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture of the area, we’ll take you to its heart.


Innovative Itineraries

Many travel companies will take you to the big spots – the tourist traps, where you can be ripped off and see merely a surface-level view of the country you’re in. We take you deeper, with our innovative, multi-country itineraries. When you take a holiday in Uganda or Rwanda with us, we’ll go beneath the surface to reveal the beauty below.

Certified Sustainable

We’re immensely passionate about conservation and sustainability. That’s why we’re Certified Sustainable Tour Operators, so our organisation has minimal environmental impact, while contributing to the conservation of the natural beauty of the countries we love.


Above all, our holidays in Uganda and Rwanda are safe. Our guides are trusted and well-known and we will never take you anywhere you could be in any danger. The safety and comfort of our clients is always the highest priority, so you can enjoy your trip.


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Prepare for Adventure or Prepare to Relax

However you like to holiday, we build your trip completely around your desires. Choose Stars Wildlife Ventures Africa for a holiday in Uganda or Rwanda and discover a world previously unknown. You won’t believe your eyes! For more information, call us on PHONE NUMBER or send us an email at!

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