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Wonder of Africa

When it comes to East African safari trips, vibrant culture and delicious food, there are no better options than Uganda and Rwanda. Thanks to our seasoned tour guides and commitment to a tailor-made service, we’ll be able to provide you with a completely bespoke tour, designed exclusively for you.

Go where you want to go, see what you want to see and experience the wonders of Africa. We’re a Certified Sustainable travel company, with a passion for conservation. After one of our holidays, we guarantee that you will be too! If you’re travelling to East Africa, take a look below for a few handy pieces of information you might need to know.

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Why Holiday in Uganda and Rwanda?

  • Beautiful Nature
  • Gorilla Havens
  • The Mountains of the Moon
  • The Nile River
  • Vibrant Culture
  • Spectacular Food
  • Fantastic Weather
  • Warm, Friendly People

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How Do I Get There? 

 uganda airport map


The largest Airport in Uganda is Entebbe International Airport, receiving flights from all over the world. Find a flight and come aboard! Flights leave from London Heathrow.

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 Rwanda airport map


Kigali International Airport is located near the capital city of the same name, receiving passengers on 15 different airlines. London City and London Heathrow have regular flights.

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Children in Uganda

Now You’re Speaking My Language!

There are 41 living languages spoken in Uganda, across different tribes and cultures, but you’ll get by just fine with English almost everywhere you go! If you do want to immerse yourself a little further into the culture, have a go at Swahili! It’s spoken all across Central and Southern Africa and is a very beautiful, musical language indeed. Here’s a few useful phrases to help you when travelling to East Africa:

Jambo: Hello!

Kwa Heri: Goodbye!

Tafadhali: Please.

Nauli ni kiasi gani?: How much is the fare?

Asante: Thank you.

Choo: Toilet.

Hoteli: Hotel.

U nasema kiingereza?: Do you speak English?








What’s The Weather Like?

Uganda and Rwanda boast some of the best weather on the planet – almost always sunny but never so hot you can’t go outside. The average temperature sits at around 26 degrees Celsius – perfect for exploring these beautiful countries!

Be careful about choosing when to travel though, as the nations do have rainy seasons. These last, roughly, from March until May and October to November. These months aside, the weather’s perfect!











Traveling to East Africa?

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